Candid presents "Communication Centre"

This collection of clothing & photography looks to explore time, place & creative processes.

All of the products from the new range are hand designed, screened & printed. 

Candid is interested in slowing the process of fast fashion, with more consideration on personalised work & human communication. 

Each piece is 1/1 & not to be mass produced. 

Candid will be displaying the latest collection at a one day only popup shop "408 Smith" in collaboration with local Architects "Studio Edwards"

They have created a modular space that allows creators access to a high quality shopfront for terms as short as one day.

With the ever increasing closure of retail spaces & the difficulty of securing short term leases for creative events, this act as a possible solution to one of retail's most pressing issues.

Clothing: Candid Australia
Photography: Jordan Devlin
Models: Nico Ghxst, Felix Atkinson